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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my personal information is securely handled?

DONNAN MCBAIN & WEALY WORKS GCV has a strict policy in seeking personal information of our customers. We only ask information that is necessary to help you. In addition, we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an advanced safety technnology that protects personal information when transmitted over the internet. In no case we keep sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers. This may mean you need to enter this information repeatedly, but this also means you can be sure that this information is not kept by DONNAN MCBAIN & WEALY WORKS. SSL is a standard technology supported by Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and other popular webbrowsers. We use this technology to protect the transmission of credit card data and your personal information. If you are not sure whether your browser supports SSL, refer to the help pages of your browser or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or computer manufacturer.


If your order contains two or more spirits, it is possible they are sent separately. This is the case if one of the spirits was not delivered on time in our warehouse. The other spirit will be sent to you in a so-called partial delivery as soon as your order is back in stock. We'll keep you informed via email and website of any change in your order status.


I cannot place any products in my shopping cart?

Your browser probably does not accept cookies and / or the security of your browser is too high. A cookie is a special code that is used to recognize you each time you visit the website. Thanks to that cookie you do not have to login every time you visit the site. You can find all information about cookies on the help pages of your web browser.
Cookie settings in Internet Explorer: use the following procedure to verify your IE browser accepts cookies, or to enable cookies: - Open the 'Options' menu of your browser - Select 'Internet Options' - Go to the 'Security' tab - Set the security level to MEDIUM, if the security is on HIGH cookies are not accepted - Click 'OK'.
Follow the procedure to check whether your Firefox browser accepts cookies, or to enable cookies: - Open the 'Tools' menu of your browser - Select the 'Options' - Go to the 'Privacy' tab - Go to the 'Cookies' section - Check the option 'Accept all cookies' and if necessary, the additional option 'Warn me' - Click 'OK'.


I cannot log in?

If you have trouble logging in to our website, please check the error message you get. The most common error is a typo in the email address or password. You can always request a password reset.


How can I contact customer service?

Via the "Contact" button. Here you can send us your question. You can find a description of the contact procedure on this page.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have not received your order after a few days, please contact our helpdesk via the contact form.